Seminars & Workshops

Our seminars and workshops are designed to stimulate personal  growth and development.  Each session is customized for individual or organizational needs.


Emotional Intelligence for Personal Growth

This one-day workshop engages participants in working through the concepts of emotional intelligence. The topic is presented as it relates to self control, leadership development and building effective personal and professional relationships.

Strategies to Endure the Peaks & Valleys of Life

This one-day seminar discusses strategies to empower participants to endure the peaks and valleys  on the roads of life.  Participants will be shown how to embrace the time in the valley as an opportunity for self improvement and the peaks as an opportunity for self reflection. 

Strategic Planning for families

This is a multi-day workshop session that engages participants in the step by step process of developing a family strategic plan. The session will empower families to set both short and long term goals and to bring more structure to their lives.

Enhancing Your Personal Brand

This one day seminar teaches participants how to package their knowledge , skills, and talents to create a personal brand. Participants will learn how to use branding to promote their uniqueness, core values, and establish a stronger self image.


Online Courses

Check out our world wide virtual self improvement online courses through The Mind Power Academy. These are online interactive sessions conducted over the telephone and computer. The sessions enable participants to have an interactive learning experiences with both course facilitator and other callers. Course schedule to be announced in fall 2017.