Mind Power Solutions was founded on three basic beliefs that people can maximize their potential if willing to:  

  1. control their emotions,

  2. change their mindset, and

  3. transform their thoughts into actions.

Mind Power Solutions, a subsidiary of The Kight Companies, LLC., is part of a portfolio of wellness and self-improvement businesses. The essence of our work is to serve as a platform to expose people to strategies and techniques that encourage them to adopt a positive mindset and to achieve whatever they desire in life.  

Research has shown that people with a positive mindset tend to see themselves capable of achieving more out of life. Those with a negative mindset tend to doubt themselves and allow outside forces to determine their destiny.  Unfortunately, negative experiences in life tend to make people less open to exploring new ideas and cause them to give up pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.  Mind Power Solutions is committed to helping people move beyond these self imposed limitations and thrive.

You are invited to further explore our services and products on your quest to become the you, you were meant to be.