Mind Power Solutions operates on the belief that human beings are empowered with the ability to:  

  1. control their emotions,

  2. change their mindset, and

  3. transform their thoughts into actions.

Founded by Dr. Robert L Kight (RL Kight), Mind Power Solutions provides programs, information, and events to inspire and empower to people to live more productive lives. The basis of our effort is to get people to change their mindset and how they see themselves in the world. Mind Power Solutions serves as a platform to expose people to techniques and strategies that enable them to better understand how important it is to control their mindset when confronted with the everyday challenges of life.  

Research has shown that people with an open mind tend to see themselves capable of achieving more out of life. Those with a closed mind tend to doubt themselves and allow outside forces to determine their destiny.  Unfortunately as some people get older,  they tend to become less open to exploring new ideas and give up on the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.  At Mind Power Solutions, we disseminate information, promote activities, and create learning experiences that inspire individuals to adopt new ways of thinking.

You are invited to further explore our services and products on your quest to become the you, you were meant to be.