You Create Your Breaks

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Are you one of those unhappy people because life hasn’t unfolded the way you would like? You see others around you enjoying the so call good life.  All their hopes and dreams appear to come true, but you never seem to get a break. In spite of the daily hustle and grind, your dreams remain just that – dreams.  Maybe it’s time to get up and do something different. 

You cannot afford to sit around waiting for your breaks to come.  It just doesn’t happen that way; successful people create their breaks.  While you need not take on the whole world at once, it is on you to do something every day to propel yourself closer to making your desires a reality. I am sure you have heard the saying, “A thousand-mile journey begins with a single step”.  Even if planning to travel by bus, plane, car, or train these days, you must take the first step.  Each step will bring you nearer to your destination. 

Here are some suggestions that you may find helpful in your effort to create your breaks no matter the destination.

Get it done. Work on some aspect of making your dream come true every day.  Create a list of tasks you need to accomplish within a specific time frame.  No matter how big or small the task – get it done!  Set aside time on your schedule to complete them.  If not on your schedule, they are most likely not going to get done.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Keep what you want to achieve on the radar.

Eliminate false beliefs.  Self-imposed negative belief systems can become major obstacles to your desire to get more out of life. Beliefs such as “I don’t have what it takes”, “I don’t have enough money to get started”, “they won’t let me” or “the time isn’t right” will only hold you hostage to low expectations; limiting your ability to rise to the next level.  These beliefs are often the results of our upbringing, culture, and experiences.  Remember, nothing can prevent your dreams from coming true, but you.

Take a chance.  To reach the next level requires courage.  Opportunities are all around you if you are willing to step into the unknown.  There are no guarantees in life, so you must have confidence in what you want to accomplish.  I recently listened to Sylvester Stallone talk about how he turned down $300,000 for the rights to his screenplay to the first Rocky film when he was so broke that he had to sell his beloved dog.  We are all aware of his success story many years later.  You can play it safe and watch life pass you by or you can overcome your fears and step into the unknown. 

Tune out the noise.  You must be mentally tough to pursue your dreams until they become real.  There will be self-doubt and doubters all round you.  You will experience setbacks that make you call your decisions into question.  These are the times in which you must tune out the voices in your head telling you to, “quit now”, “you don’t have what it takes” or “you will never make it”.  We all hear these voices at one time or another.  It’s only a test to determine how serious you are about reaching your goals.  Don’t become distracted by them and stay focused.   

Stay in the game. You cannot win sitting on the side lines.  Success requires that you stay into the game of life and compete.  Don’t let the ups and downs of life discourage you.  Yes, the rules of engagement will often change, but don’t let that scare you from the competition.  Life demands that you be flexible and embrace the changes.  You win some and lose some; keep showing up ready to compete.  To stay in the game requires a high level of self-confidence.  Therefore, you must believe in your ability to compete and win.     

Work on your craft.  Success is often the result of many hours, days, and years of preparation for just the right moment. It requires that you work on your craft and sharpen your skills to be ready.  You never know how and when the right opportunity is going to come your way.  What might appear to be a small act could turn out to be a life changing event.  You never know who might be watching or how one moment will transform into something greater.  Luck only leads to success when preparation meets opportunity.  

Make an investment. Nothing in life is free.  Anything worth having has a cost. You must be willing to invest a significant amount of your time and resources to achieve your dreams.  Only you can determine the amount of effort and energy required to reach your desired destination. If what you’re doing now is not producing desired results, it’s not enough.  Do whatever it takes to achieve success.   

 I leave you with these final words of encouragement. Dare to dream on and expect to succeed.  Don’t get caught up in self-imposed limitations. Think big and work hard to create your breaks. As you travel the road to success, I hope you discover that the impossible has just become a little bit more possible.  Your breaks are waiting for you.

 Written by Dr. RL Kight for Mind Power Solutions.  Visit to learn more about our personal development and training services.