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Dr. RL Kight believes in the power to reinvent oneself.  This attitude was instilled in him early in life by his family. Growing up in rural southeast Georgia, he was instilled in him that he could do and become  whatever he desired in life if willing to work for it. For him success has been about making good choices, never giving up no matter the circumstance and always staying focused on the goal.  As a result, he has been able to elevate himself from his humble beginnings to create the life he enjoys today.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. RL Kight has studied strategies and techniques by some of the best scholars and authors to learn the importance of self-control and mastery of thoughts for personal success. He has used this new awareness to evolve from someone who hated running into now running marathons.  He meditates and practices yoga daily to tap into his inner being to become a more focused, confident and centered human being in all walks of his life. He is committed to helping others tap into their hidden powers to discover the greatness within themselves. 

His life is reflective of a man who believes he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.  He has both managed and participated in the development and implementation of  numerous national, state and local programs to enhance the lives of both youth and adults.  He is respected for his ability to lead and inspire people to do more with their lives.  Dr. RL Kight is now engaged in building The Kight Companies into a portfolio of wellness and self-improvement businesses. He started Mind Power Solutions because he truly believes that people have the power to change their minds and control their own destiny. 

Dr. RL Kight is an excellent training facilitator with the ability to communicate and connect with people.  He has the patience and understanding that makes those around him feel better about themselves and their ability to succeed.  You can learn more about his thoughts and approach to life by reading his blog or participating in one of workshops,  seminars, or life coaching sessions.  He brings his academic qualifications and years of professional experience in leadership, organizational and human capital development to support this endeavor.

Dr. RL Kight resides in the Washington,  DC metropolitan area with his wife of 29 years and has two adult children.